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Mark D. - 08/16/96

18 September 1996


I stumbled onto your website while looking up the latest info on Alice Miller. I read "Drama" in '91 and it had big impact. No other resource has come as close to the kernel as that book did. So, I was interested to find out what her latest thoughts were. I discovered that she has become a proponent of primal therapies and has found them successful. Her recommendation spurred me into finding out more through your website.

I bought and read Stettbacher's book, but did not begin practicing the techniques. I would prefer to make contact with a primal therapist in my area to learn more about it first. Is there a list of practicing therapist (by city) that you have access to? (even better is one that you recommend). I'm in Chicago, and what I gather is that there are very few in this area.



P.S. Some quick comments/questions: primals seem analogous to what clergy would call exorcisms... I find it puzzling that all the primalists I've read about weight pre-natal and peri-natal expriences so heavily. Is there some basic research supporting this? Is primal psychology breaking into the mainstream - ie. are major academic institutions developing curriculums in this area?

I've replied to Mark's note. If anyone knows of a therapist near Chicago please let him know at - John -

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