Primal Theory vs. Past Lives Theory

by Réal Beaulieu, MA, MFT, Primal Therapist

"I was trained by Dr. Janov from 1989 to 1995, and worked at his
Primal Training Center with certification as a primal therapist
under supervision from 1993 to 1995."

This will be a short article because the point I want to make is very straightforward and self-explanatory.

I highly commend and respect John Speyrer for having created The Primal Psychotherapy Page and for allowing free expression of different opinions, unlike other primally-oriented websites.

However, let us call a duck a duck and a rabbit a rabbit. A duck is not a rabbit and past lives are not present life. Let us make clear that primal theory and primal therapy deal with this lifetime only. Past lives theory (if there is one) should not be associated with primal theory. To do so is comparable to an astronomer who one day would suggest that astronomy and astrology can be integrated because they share the same set of basic hypotheses, verifiable by the same set of experimental designs.

Even if primal theory and past lives theory (again, if there is such a theory ) can be labeled as regressive, in the sense of "that which goes back to past events", they have nothing else in common. They are two different species and should not be associated any more than mystical searching should be associated with honest scientific probing.

As a client, I would be personally very wary of a primal therapist who would be ready to follow me into past lives without reserve, without referring me to a psychiatrist for medication evaluation and without giving me the help needed to integrate psychotogenic traumas that occurred in this lifetime. Allowing me to feel the agony of the trauma over and over coupled with the solid knowledge of a theory that gives me hope is what I would need. Because I would rather feel the pain, as opposed to fleeing into some comforting fantasy.

Finally, as a formally trained and experienced primal therapist I have only observed dissociation phenomena, never past lives phenomena. I have never verified the existence of past lives any more than I have verified the existence of future ones.

Let belief be belief and primal theory be primal theory.

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