(in order of frequency)

By Bill Swartley

1. Maternal Deprivation Primals

    A. From Hospital Experience

      (i) separation from bodily contact with mother at birth in nursery

      (ii) feeding by schedule

    B. From Bottle Feeding

      (i) lost touch with mother

      (ii) looking for substitute things to satisfy need for bodily contact with mother

    C. From a Psychologically Distant Mother

2. Paternal Deprivation Primals (after father becomes a meaningful figure)

3. Incest Primals

Energy in Primal depends on

    A. Degree of incest present in parent of opposite sex
    (usually unconscious)

    B. Psychological strength of parent of same sex to block incest coming from parent of the opposite sex

4. Birth Trauma Primals

Energy in Primal depends on the difficulty of birth

5. Parental Death Primals

    A. Mother's death

    B. Father's death

      (i) girls are most vulnerable when 3 to 6 years old - when discovering parent of the opposite sex

      (ii) boys are most vulnerable about 10 years - when they start to identify with father

6. Primals due to Operation, especially with gas anaesthesia and at age boys are afraid of castration.

7. Implantation Primals

8. Conception Primals

9. Gestation Primals

(such as an attempted abortion or a strong shock to the mother, e.g. the death of one of her parents)

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