A Scene From Bridedoll

By Teresa Evangelista

The following is a scene from a one act play of mine, Bridedoll, which was done at the Changing Scene in February, along with another one act of mine, Coke Dreams.

These plays are interesting because they were written many years apart - before and after Primal. Bridedoll is the newer play.

It concerns a woman who's always been beautiful and counted on her beauty to get her through life. But life turned out not to be the charmed one anticipated for her by family and friends.

After an early bad marriage she returned to her parent's house and childhood room. She lives a double, a Mr. Goodbar- type existence.

The play opens on Angel's thirtieth birthday. The family has joined to celebrate but Angel overhears an unkind remark directed at her and retreats to her room with a bottle of scotch. She locks the door, refusing to come out or let anyone in.

The Cast
Angel: The woman.
Letty: Her mother.
Paulie: Her father.
Donna: Her sister.

Harry: Her boyfriend
(does not appear).

*    *    *    * 

In this scene Angel is trying to confront her father with her feelings.

(Paulie stands in hallway, knocking on Angel's door)

PAULIE: Angel?

ANGEL: Daddy?

(She rushes to the closet and gets a robe on)


PAULIE: Baby, what're you doing in there?

ANGEL: Nothing Daddy.


PAULIE: I want you to come out now honey.


(Rushes to door as if to open it but stops herself)

PAULIE Whata you say?

ANGEL: Not right now Dad. In a little while maybe.


PAULIE: I'm here.

ANGEL: I thought you were gone.

PAULIE: No, I'm here.

PAULIE: Angel, what's going on with you? It's not like you to act this way. Is it Harry?

ANGEL: He's so nice Daddy. Don't you think he's nice?

PAULIE: Is there any problem with Harry, sweetheart?

ANGEL No, there's no problem with Harry. He's nice Daddy. Don't you think so?

PAULIE: Yeah, he's nice enough I guess. But you're sure there's no problem? I mean now is the time to say something.

ANGEL: No really Dad, there's nothing.
(Whisper) Daddy?

PAULIE: Yeah honey?

ANGEL: We aren't even sleeping together. We want to wait and make it really special. You believe that?

PAULIE: Of course I believe it.

PAULIE: Why shouldn't I believe that?

ANGEL: Who's your favorite girl Daddy, me or Donna?

PAULIE I love both my girls.

ANGEL I always wanted to be your favorite - even over Mommy. I know you're proud of Donna for being so smart and going to college and. . .

PAULIE: I'm proud of you too.

ANGEL: FOR WHAT? I mean what've I done? Do you like me because I'm so pretty? Are you proud of me for that?

PAULIE: Of course. Honey, maybe I should call your Mo...

(Pause, quietly)

Lately I've been thinking about lies and about us and how quiet we are when it comes to certain things - certain feelings and things we've done and felt maybe. I mean you are my father. I live in this house. You know all about me but you never say anything like when I come home late or don't come home at all. Nobody ever says one word to me about anything.

PAULIE: You're a big girl now, we figure you know what you're doing.

ANGEL: But I don't, Daddy. Like all these guys all these guys in my life .... I'm trying to say what it feels like .... sometimes I feel like my own birthday cake that everyone is taking a piece of .... like I'm being cut up into little mouthfuls and .... I can't explain the feeling exactly.

PAULIE: You don't have to explain to me.

ANGEL: I want to. You know I'm still seeing these guys. I mean Harry wants to marry me. He'd die if he knew but I still .... I can't .... I can't stop seeing these guys Daddy. It's like I want everyone in the world to get a taste of me, see?

PAULIE: Honey maybe you should talk to your mother about all this or your sister maybe.

ANGEL: I don't want to talk to Mother or Donna. I want to talk to you!


(Rushes to top of stairs screaming for his wife)

Letty! Letty!

ANGEL: Daddy no, no!

PAULIE: Letty, God damn it!

ANGEL: I have to tell you Daddy. Daddy you always treated me like a piece of glass. Daddy, I'm not made of glass! God damn you Daddy!

(Letty rushes upstairs, joins her husband. They rush to the door.)


(Pounding on door)

Angel, open this door right this minute or we're going to break it down!

ANGEL: I'm just so sad - all the time, sad. If I could just explain. If somebody would just LISTEN TO ME! I don't know what I'm doing anymore. I'm constantly feeling one thing and saying and doing another .... I'm coming apart, cracking and nobody .... nobody gives a damn....

PAULIE: Angel, open this door!

ANGEL: No, because if I open it you won't listen to me! I want you to listen to me. I WANT EVERYBODY TO LISTEN TO ME! (She smashes herself against the door and starts pounding on it) Listen to me! (She slides down to the floor) I won't be pretty forever. And when I'm not pretty I won't have anything at all, nothing of my own. Doesn't anybody understand that? Are you still there? Where are you all? (Donna appears at top of stairs. She walks over to door.)

LETTY: Angel, Donna is here. Your sister is here to see you sweetheart..


(After pause)

I don't want to talk anymore. I don't have anything to say. I'm just drunk and talking crazy. Everybody go away.
(Black out)

End Of Scene Three

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