This page was established as a support page for those who are self-primaling, since doing the therapy without a therapist or sitter, can sometimes be a lonely undertaking. Without support and with no one to ask questions about what is happening and what to expect can be frustrating.

I believe that even those of you who are confirmed do-it-yourself primalers should nonetheless have someone with whom to feel. To those who are not convinced that having a sitter or witness would be helpful, I advise that you have at least one session with a primal therapist and become immediately convinced!

O.K., enough editorializing!

Here is the place to look for that pen pal or an e-mail correspondent who may be interested in Stettbacher's, Jensen's, Vereshack's, Stone's, Doyle's or generic self-primaling techniques. As a recent correspondent wrote: The internet ". . . really does make the primal world more a village." And now the village has a cafe which is open to all. So pull up a chair and start a conversation. The folks around these parts are mighty friendly!

So if you began the primal process as a result of reading any of Janov's books or Stettbacher's Making Sense of Suffering, or by following the exercises of Jean Jenson in Reclaiming Your Life, or by reading Vereshack's Help Me - I'm Tired of Feeling Bad, or Stone's Cure by Crying, or with Cecil Osborne's Understanding Your Past: The Key To Your Future then this is your space.

Maybe you began the process the way I did. During a more traditional group therapy setting (TA and Gestalt), I was opened up enough to begin the process at home unexpectedly one day.

And the welcome mat is also out for those who began the process and are continuing the process with a therapist. In fact we welcome anyone in any of the "feeling-regressive" therapies who has embarked on the journey of self-discovery.

For those interested in do-it-yourself primal therapy, I recommend the exercises in Dr. Alex Lessin's "Reprogramming Yourself For Joy, Zest and Love"

None of these individuals have been approved to give advice in self therapy. Be especially cautious before meeting any of these individuals personally. I assume no responsibility in making these e-mail addresses available. Please notify me if your address has changed. Thanks. -- John A. Speyrer - Webmaster

Here is the list of readers who would like to correspond with others interested in self-primal therapy:

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(All e-mail addresses are presently invalid) - Sam - Texas USA - Joe - Germany - Colleen - USA Norman - Quebec, Canada - Marshall Freedland - USA - Bernadette - England - Chuck Welch - Florida? - USA - Bill Spencer -
Louisville, Kentucky - USA - Bonnie and Rebecca - USA - Bob in California - USA - Ruediger in Germany - Bonnie Dodson - USA. - Andras - Germany - Doug - Wisconsin, USA - Angelo - Spain - Cynthia - USA - Charles - Canada - Shiloh in Canada - Will in Houston,Texas USA - Bill in North Carolina, USA Ed in Pittsburg, PA, USA Jamie in Leicester, England Karen in Marino del Rey, CA Alex in Pittsburgh - USA Sheamus - USA Chris in Vienna, Austria Angus Morrison, in London, UK Janus

mega-me@beotel.yu Ivan Zivkovic - Serbia, Yugoslavia Peter in Germany - Chris - Freemont, California - Mike - Tamara - NoCal, USA - Primal Group of Montreal - Pat
Cape Town, S. A. - Cecily André
Jansenville, S. A. - Jelleke
McGregor, S. A. - Twanee
Cape Town, S. A. - Marianne
Paarl, S. A. - Brian
Camps Bay, S. A. - Tanya
Harfield Village, S. A. - Tahirah
Gleemoor, S.A. - Leon
Darling, S.A. - Carol
Westbrook, S.A. - Helena
Helena - Fish Hoek. S.A. - Wendy
Johannesburg, S.A. - Beverley
Observatory, Cape, S.A. - Hermienna
Durbanville, S.A. - Pryor
Observatory, Cape, S.A.
- Daniel - in Israel
- Martin - in Oakland/Berkeley, CA
- Eitan - in Tel Aviv

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Some Of My Hints & Kinks & Queries & Quips Of Self-Primaling

Question: What is the honeymoon period in Primal Therapy?

Answer: That's when your symptoms are leaving and you're making such progress that you believe you will be completely cured by Christmas and why not since you've been feeling your feelings for six months now and feeling better and better but then your birth primals begin and you're not so sure anymore.

 *   *   *

Question: Do you know what primal material you will be accessing right before before a primal connects?

Answer: For me, the answer is a definitely unambigious, sometimes yes, and sometimes no

 *   *   *

We know that saying the primal feeling out loud intensifies the primal, but do you say what's on your mind out loud before the primal connects? Is is obvious, but oftentimes I don't do it. If you do, it will invariably aid connection.

 *   *   *

Question: What was your first psychosomatic symptom which left after you began primaling?

Answer: A continuous stopped-up nose. After a month or two of primaling that symptom left me permanently. One year before primaling, I used over 50 bottles of nose drops! I am serious. In his article, Symptom Formation In Neurosis (Journal of Primal Therapy, Winter, 1976, p. 12), Dr. E. Michael Holden writes: "Chronic congestion of the nose and sinuses is a common neurotic disorder and one which typically ceases, in a gratifying way, early in Primal Therapy."

 *   *   *

Question: How long had you been primaling before you noticed a definite improvement in your major symptom?

Answer: It was five months before my chronic stomach pains began to really diminish in intensity. I felt, "Wow, this stuff really works!."

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