A Guide For Driving You Sane

By Gordon Van Rooy Th.D.

Editor's Note: Dr. Van Rooy, a missionary in India for many years, later had a primal center near Houston. He is presently retired and living in Denver.


After excavating in subconscious basements for over 25,000 hours with the Primal Integration method, I conclude that it is awesome. Pain dissolves. Hope generates. Life begins. Unification and integration become a reality.

I am persuaded that Primal Integration therapy, as psychiatrist David Rosen puts it ". . . deserves a prominent place in the psychotherapeutic armamentarium."

This manual is offered as a help particularly for those who are already aware of the primal potential and are seeking more information. This is a revision of my original publication made in 1984. I have changed nothing of importance since then. My professional practice continues to confirm my previous conclusions.

--Gordon Van Rooy