International Primal Association

27th Annual Convention

Family Relationships:

Memories, Renewals, Possibilities

August 31 - September 6, 1999

Elmer, New Jersey, USA

Welcome to the 1999 IPA Annual Convention!

In primal therapy, we have come a long way in our investigations. This natural healing process profoundly affects our being within ourselves and in the world, our creativity, our spirituality, and our relationships. We continue to learn as we keep working with the experience of deep, bodily felt feelings over the years. We keep searching and probing into what happens to the people involved in this process. I believe to see signs that some of the insights we have gained are beginning to seep into the consciousness of the larger public.

In Star Wars, a modern mythology of man alienated from himself, Luke Skywalker is compelled to go on a painful search for the real father, the one behind the artificial, unreal façade. Like him, we too are recovering ‘the force’ that lives within us, which keeps us strong and true to our soul’s calling. We increase our connection to the larger purpose of our being here. We recover that real self or whatever parts of it that got buried. We can feel it whenever we connect to yet a deeper part we didn’t know was there. The universe out there is infinite, as is the universe within us. Our feelings connect us to ‘the force’. At our convention we have workshops that touch on the theme of this year, and presentations which address other subjects of special interest. Check out the listing of workshops, and you will get a flavor of the wide variety of activities we are able to offer. And, of course, the swimming pool will be waiting to cool you down after our hot presentations, and the grass will be greener than anywhere else in the world! It’s magic, and that’s because of the wonderful, open and feeling people you meet here at this special place in time every year. They make it happen. Come and join us and be one of them!

If you have participated in our conventions before, I don’t have to tell you, but if you are a newcomer, think about it: for very reasonable expense, you can grab six days of unforgettable and deeply enriching experiences with sophisticated workshop presenters from all over the USA. No single session/week format or any kind of book-reading can provide this: real, live people who are committed to confronting their own demons, alone and together, who will share their expertise, their newest findings, their knowledge and feelings with you in a relaxed, natural and caring atmosphere. I hope to see you there!

Yvonne Parma, M.Ed., LMHC
Chairperson, IPA Convention, 1999

About Appel Farm

Appel Farm has been the IPA convention site for the past 16 years. It is a summer camp in a rural setting and offers lots of open space, walking paths in the woods, and wonderful sunrises and sunsets. Canadian snow geese, great blue herons, red-winged blackbirds, hawks, swallows, ducks, goldfinches and turkey vultures are but a few of its visitors. At night, the starlit sky adds even more magic to being there. Tennis courts, 1/2 basketball court, volleyball lawn, sauna, and the beloved swimming pool invite physical activity. The atmosphere is informal and accommodations are generally ten-person bunks, with some private rooms. Pitching tents is allowed.

Appel Farm grows its food mainly in its own garden and fields, or brings it in from the surrounding area. The menu offers a healthy variety of carefully prepared, tasty dishes with vegetarian options in generous amounts at each meal.

Appel Farm offers a number of different settings for workshops, activities and events ranging from an outdoor platform/stage, cabins and classrooms to a dance studio, art barn, 500-seat theater/auditorium, and expansive lawns.

How To Get There

Appel Farm is one mile west of Elmer, New Jersey, on the Elmer-Shirley Road (about 24 miles South of Philadelphia).

By car from the north:
New Jersey Turnpike south to exit 2. Route 322 east for 3 miles to route 45. Route 45 south toward Bridgeton. Route 45 goes into route 77 at Mullica Hill. Route 77 south for 8 miles to US route 40. Continue south on 77 for 3.3 miles to a blinking yellow light which is the Shirley-Elmer Road. Turn left and go 2 miles where you will see a sign for Appel Farm on your right.

By car from the south:
From the Delaware Memorial Bridge, take US 40 east and then south on route 77 for 3.3 miles to a blinking yellow light which is the Shirley-Elmer Road. Turn left and go 2 miles where you will see a sign for Appel Farm on your right.

By plane, train, bus: For information on limosine service, contact the registrar as soon as you know your arrival time in Philadelphis, and before August 20th. To contact, call 1-978-535-4181 or email at

Child Care
At breakfast, the child care coordinator will meet with the child care person, the children, and the parents to help organize the day. The periods of provided child care and any desired parent swapping of care can be coordinated. Children need to stay with the child care person during the designated period of time or they are the responsibility of their parents.

Our 1999 Keynote Presentation

The Feeling Family

by Aletha Solter, Ph.D.

Aletha Solter, Ph.D. is a Swiss/American developmental psychologist, mother of two children, international speaker, workshop leader, consultant, and author of three books. She studied with the Swiss psychologist, Dr. Jean Piaget, at the University of Geneva, Switzerland, where she earned a Master’s degree in human biology. She holds a Ph.D. in psychology from the University of California at Santa Barbara.

Dr. Solter founded the Aware Parenting Institute in 1990 in order to promote the philosophy of child-rearing based on her work (web site: Aware Parenting combines attachment-style parenting, non-punitive discipline, and acceptance of emotional release.

In her book, The Aware Baby, A New Approach to Parenting, Dr. Solter discusses the attachment needs of infants, which are best met by close physical contact, breast-feeding, and prompt responsiveness to crying. William Emerson, Ph.D., the pioneer in infant and child psychotherapy, and one of our keynote speakers a few years back, wrote: “I have recommended this book to thousands of parents and professionals, with outstanding results.”

Helping Young Children Flourish focuses on the developmental needs of children up to 8 years of age, while her latest book, Tears and Tantrums, What to Do When Babies and Children Cry, describes the purpose of crying during infancy and childhood.

Aletha Solter’s books, which have been translated into several languages, bring an astonishing integrity and understanding of principles we have found and established through the experience of primal therapy. However, applying these principles consistently with children every day (and in modification with ourselves as adults) is easier said than done. Aletha Solter gives practical guidelines and ideas to practice what we know to be true. She also has written two workbooks. Her language comes through easily and simply and invites honest confrontation, thought and discussion about how we still fall short of our own ideals. Her book brochure quotes Gandhi with these beautiful words:

“If we are to attain real peace in this world, we will have to begin with the children.”

Workshops * Lectures * Presenters

Daily Activities

Early Morning Stretch:
At the edge of the woods, tune into your body/mind though yoga and other disciplines to center yourself for another wonderful day at the convention.

Women’s and Men’s Groups:
Being together in a circle and speaking and listening to others has evolved over the years into a powerful component of the day and a favorite of many.

The Mat Track:
Experienced facilitators provide an opportunity to work primally every day in a group format.

Evening Peer Groups:
A little like coming home at the end of the day. Sharing what is happening for you with your group.

Community Meeting:
After dinner, get to know the newly arrived participants and learn the news about the convention and the weather. Share a song or two!

Cool off, play or exercize most any time of the day. Lifeguard on duty whenever the pool is open. Some periods are clothing optional.

Workshops and Lectures

  • Tears and Tantrums in Babies and Children, with Althea Solter, Ph.D. The sources of stress and trauma for children, the benifits of crying, and how to assist this natural healing mechanism.

  • Overcoming Insecure Attachment: Holding As Containment, with Mary Owen and David Kerrigan. Deepen the understanding of attachment insecurities that block satisfying relationships and learn ways of promoting nurturing healthy attachment.

  • The Long Term Effects of Shock and Trauma During Prenatal Development, with Terry Larimore . Patterns that don’t shift after good emotional healing work are probably based in shock experience and need appropriate treatment. All-day workshop summarizing extensive study with William Emerson, Ph.D.

  • Opening Up and Letting Go, with Alec Rubin, Primal pioneer par excellence. His teaching continues to become even more profound, clear, and to the point. Have your feelings and get into your body, on the mat, in interactions, and in creative performance structures.

  • The Past Lives of Families, with Dan Miller, Ph.D. Past lives are waiting to return to consciousness in the same way that Primal experiences are. Explore how family experiences may be connected to those in a past life.

  • Primal Blues, with Fred Zilke and Steve Austill. The blues, a classic form in which generations have sung out their hopes and disappointments in living and loving. Nourish your soul by singing from your guts.

  • Survival Manual for Couples, with Michael Schlosser. How to handle times when you are triggered in your relationship.

  • New Identity Process, with NIP Teaching Fellows George Rynick and Terry Cole. Processing of deep feelings, cognitive processing of emotional reactions, and the use of the group as a healing agent.

  • Ark 2000, with Bill Smukler, Ph.D. Orientation to a 40-day intensive program, which begins January 2000. Dr. Smukler’s summation of his extensive work in mass-time therapy. Learn the goals, the journey into the self, the healing and the transformation.

  • Primal Intergration & Making Connections, with Mary Thompson. Discover and develop integration processes to greatly increase the value of Primal experiences.

  • Vanishing Twins, with Alice Rose, Ph.D. Discussion of the effects of being a twin on relationships and on everyday life.

  • Primal Grandparenting, with Taff Welch. Using our Primal learning as we relate to a second generation of “us”. Share experiences as Primal grandparents.

  • Enneagram Personality Wisdom System, with Chris Wright. He will teach this ancient system for revealing your gifts, burdens, and blinders.

  • *Introduction to Holotropic Breathwork (All-Day), with David Pearson and Ted Riskin. *Pre-registeration is required for this workshop. Holotropic Breathwork is a method developed by Stanislav Grof to reach non-ordinary states of consciousness. Stan was our keynote speaker in 1997, when he introduced David Pearson, who assisted him. This workshop is a special opportunity (fees outside the convention is $100 or more) for our convention participants. Only a limited number of people can be admitted to htis intense experience on Wednesday from 9:00 am-9:00pm, with meal breaks. Registering fee is $15.
    Note: Contra-indications: cardio-vascular problems; high blood pressure; pregnancy; epilepsy; glaucoma; recent surgery or fractures; manic-depressive syndrome; paranoid psychosis; a history of severe emotional disorder and psychiatric hospitalizations. Do not do the Breathwork if you have any of these conditions.

  • *Connecting to Your Inner Movement, with Sharion Kane. Deepen the Primal experence by reconnecting with your body and how your body needs to move.

  • *Transforming Transference, with Larry King. Transform lose-lose situations into surprising win-win experiences and angry feelings into therapy break-throughs.

  • *Cathartic Therapies: Healing or Harm?, with Anne Dykers. She reviews controversies surrounding cathartic methods; emerging models attempt to address these issues.

  • *Overcoming Chronic Anger: A Body/Mind Approach, with Marie Regis. A look at causes and consequenses; methods to modify old beliefs.

  • *Sharing Primal Stories, with Barbara Bryan. For seasoned Primalers to share significant Primal experiences and for newcomers who would like to know more.

  • *Paint!, with Yvonne Parma. Paint a family protrait or anything of the moment in your heart and mind.

  • *How To Speak to the Body in Its Own Language, with Jean Rashkind.

  • *What Is Primal?, with Larry King.

  • *Orientation To Sandplay, with Bill Smukler.

  • *Chair of Wisdom, with Hal Geddes.

  • *May’s Landing Pool Party, with Barbara Bryan.

  • *Siblings, with Taff Welch.

  • *Softball: Playing in the Present and the Past, with Larry Schumer.

For Your Mind/Body

Enjoy treatments of your choice for the special convention rate of $35 a session. At the convention, you will be able to sign up for appointments with specialists in : Alexander Technique, Craniosacral Therapy, Amma, Hawaiian Massage, etc.

Community Events

Annual Meeting of the IPA - IPA members hear, discuss and vote on IPA issues and elect officers to the IPA Board.

Saturday Night Cabaret - Fun and excellence for all, on and off the stage, in the theater.

Sunday Night Dance - Our own DJ, Noah Zidel, will lend us his professional expertise for a night for the benefit of every live body to engage in prancing, dancing, and shaking a leg or two.

Convention Fees

Registration fee includes food, lodging, all workshops and activities and use of the facilities of Appel Farm. Take advantage of our special “Early Bird” rates by registering and paying before August 10, 1999. Fees are for members (the membership year begins August 1 and ends July 31). Non-members add $25 to total fee. Newcomers may deduct a $15 welcome discount.

Blanket, pillows, and mattress provided. Bring linens or rent a set for $10 (add to fee when registering). Tenting is allowed; same fees apply. Children up to 7 years old are free. Persons staying off-site deduct $25 a day. Registrants from outside the continental US may deduct 20%. Send no deposits All fees are payable in full in US funds only. Refunds are made minus a cancellation fee, if written norification postmarked on August 10, 1999 is sent to the registrar. Email for brochure and fee rates.

CEU Application Pending - Call Pat Allen at 734-434-9561 for details as well as post-approval application.

Registration Form

Name ______________________________________ Member ___ Non-Member ___
Address __________________________________City _____________________
State ___Zip ______Phone/Fax _____________ Email _______________

Circle day attending: Tu/W W/Th Th/F F/Sa Sa/Su Su/M

Please register me for ____ days (a day includes 4:00 p.m. to next day 5:00 p.m.) $_________
2nd person - Name ________________________ if child, age ____ $_________ 3rd person - Name ________________________ if child, age ____$_________Second-Member add $25 (call to renew your membership or become a new member) $_________
I/we will: ___ bring own linens rent linens for $10/person $_________

Register me for the Holotropic Breathwork Workshop on Wednesday ($15) $_________
Welcome Discount for newcomers to IPA Convention (deduct $15) -$_________
Enclose check payable to IPA (US funds only) TOTAL $_________

Send to IPA, c/o Judy Lucrezia, 2 Elizabeth Lane, Peabody, MA 01960.

*To pay by credit card (VISA/MasterCard only): Call the registrar at 1-978-535-4181 or toll free at 1-877-PRIMALS. Please be sure to have all above information, credit card # and expiration date ready.

Convention Fees

Adult Adult
<8 -17>
6 $560 $490 $360 $330
5 $525 $465 $310 $280
4 $485 $425 $260 $230
3 $420 $385 $210 $180
$290 $280 $140 $130
1 $150 --- $70 ---
$330 $310 $140 $130

*Weekend includes Friday 2:00 p.m. through Sunday 5:00 p.m.

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