The Luscher Color Test, Dr. Max Lüscher, Random House, New York, 1969, pps. 185

Reviewed by John A. Speyrer

For over ten years I have been experimenting with the Lüscher Color Test. I know of no other psychological test which can be administered with the ease and speed of this test. I first read about Lüscher's book when it was a selection of a book club and simple curiosity prompted me to purchase the book.

I tested myself and my family and friends and the results were amazingly right on. Since then I have administered the test to scores of individuals and to anybody whom I could talk into taking it and remain impressed at the high degree of accuracy it affords.

Because the results pull no punches it is not recommended that the test be given with spectators present. The test is not a parlor game.

The inventor of the test, Dr. Max Lüscher, is a Swiss psychologist and color consultant for industry. The test consists of eight variously-colored cards with a numeral on the reverse side. The cards are randomly placed color side up in front of the person to be tested who is asked to chose the color card which he finds most attractive. This card is then placed color side down above the remaining seven cards.

Each card, in descending order of subjective attractiveness is subsequently chosen until the cards are in a row with the color side facing down with the numerals appearing on the b ack of the cards. The row of cards are divided into pairs and each pair of colors is interpreted in various tables in the book. There are control factors which give more detailed and precise results. The test can be given and interpreted in just a few minutes and lends itself quite easily to computer storage and retrival. I feel that the results approach 90% in reliability. In those instances when the results were grossly illogical the testee admitted that he was trying to throw the results!

This is a test which I can recommend to any therapist who wants an extremely fast, simple and reliable in-depth psychological test.

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