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Regressive Psychotherapies

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"There is no question that stress and trauma are ultimately bad for your health. Our brains and bodies are quite efficiently designed to deal with these negative life experiences on an emergency basis. But prolonged stress and the process of traumatization cause changes that outstrip our intrinsic capacities for adaptation. The result of this is a group of widely varied diseases, medical syndromes, and clinical conditions, many of which are chronic, poorly understood, and ineffectively treated. They are so varied in their clinical presentation that one would have difficulty at first glance relating them to a common pathological process. But an understanding of the myriad effects of trauma on the brain/body provides a cogent rationale for these diseases of trauma."
- Robert Scaer, M.D. The Trauma Spectrum.

Later, Grof was to claim that all psychophysiological symptoms had their origins in traumas of the pre and peri-natal period. He felt that later traumas of infancy and childhood "...simply cannot account for the nature and intensity of the physiological disturbances involved in psychosomatic disorders."

- Stanislav Grof, Psychology of the Future

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