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25th Annual Convention - August, 1997

Miracles of Transformation!

97--1/1- Pat Kramer: Fluid Bodies - Fluid Consciousness.
97--2/2- Barbara Findeisen: STAR: Through Primal to Soul. (2 Cassettes).
97--3/1- Louis Mezei: My Path Into, Through and Beyond Madness.
97--4/1- Larry King: What is Primal?
97--5/1- Steve Austill: On Being Politically Correct.
97--6/1- David Moskowitz: Being In the World with Spirit.
97--7/1- Joel Marshall & Tom Rose: Introduction to Twelve Step Programs.
97--8/1- Alice Rose: Rekindling Sexual Rapture Through Pre- & Perinatal Regression.
97--9/2- Keynote Address Stanislav Grof, M.D.:(2 Cassettes).
97-10/3- Stanislav Grof, M.D.: Question & Answer Open Forum (3 Cassettes).
97-11/2- Carol Bowman: Children's Past Lives (2 Cassettes).
97-12/1- Brian & Penny Scheffer: Birth Trauma: Its Psycho-Spiritual Impacts.
97-13/2- Larry King: Therapeutic Breakthroughs (2 Cassettes)

26th Annual Convention - August, 1998
Primal Spirit: Dance of the Heart

98--1/2- Jeannine Parvati Baker: healing the Earth by Healing Birth. (2 Cassettes)
96--2/2- "Rico" & Jeannine Parvati Baker: The Possible Family(2 Cassettes).
98--3/2- Michael Schlosser: Ten Foot Tall & Bulletproof (2 Cassettes).
98--4/2- Wayne Carr: Remote Viewing (2 Cassettes)
98--5/1- Artie Feher: Overly Sensitive People
98--6/1- Lisa Gayle: Fluid Cranial Sacral Therapy
98--7/1- Baker, Rubin, Vega: Keynoter's Sacred Truth Stick

27th Annual Convention - August, 1999
Family Relationships: Memories, Renewals, Possibilities

99--1/2- Aletha Solter, Ph.D.: Tears and Tantrums in Babies and Children The sources of stress & trauma, and benefits of crying (2 cassettes)
99--2/2- Mary Owen, and David Kerrigan: Overcoming Insecure Attachments
holding As Containment/ Nurturing Healthy Attachments (2 Cassettes)
99--3/3- Terry Larimore: The Long Term Effects of Shock and Trauma during Prenatal Development (3 Cassettes)
99--4/1- Dan Miller, Ph.D.: The Past Lives of Families/Exploring the family experiences connected to past lives (Brief regression)
99--6/1- George Rynick & Terry Cole: New Identity Process (NIP) processing deep feelings, cognitive processing of emotions
99--7/1- Bill Smukler, Ph.D.: Ark 2000, Orientation to a 40 Day Intensive Program/Mass-Time Therapy/Healing & Transformation
99--8/1- Mary Thompson: Primal Integration & Making Connections/Processes to greatly increase the value of primal experiences
99-10/1- Anne Dykers: Cathartic Therapies: Healing or Harm? Review of controversies surrounding cathartic methods
99-11/1- Marie Regis: Overcoming Chronic Anger: A Bodymind Approach/Causes and consequences; Methods to modify old beliefs
99-12/1- Barbara Bryan: Sharing Primal Stories/significant experiences. With seasoned primalers & newcomers
99-14/1- Wayne Carr: Remote Viewing A description and guided experience in Remote Viewing
99-15/1- Larry King: Primal 1999 & Beyond. A Think-Tank Discussion centering around ideas for promoting the primal process and improving the IPA
99-16/1- Harriet Geller: Child support. Awakening ideal figures and developing support from our nurturing selves
99-17/1- Christoper Papile: A discussion revealing the actual reunion of an adoptee with his birth Mother and Father and the experiences of a loving Woman who adopted a foreign infant (This open discussion reveals tenderness & pain)
99-18/1- Bill Whitesell: Evaluation Counseling as Client & Counselor
99-19/1- Yvonne Parma: The Family & The Primal Experience. A forum discussion revealing the personal opinions of participants
99-22/1- KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Aletha Solter: The Feeling Family. A wonderful talk addressing the wise, nurturing and patient approach to dealing with feelings, crying, and reactive emotions within a family

Conference Participants have generously revealed their personal experiences to help others understand emotions. Please respect their feelings.THANK YOU!!!


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