Touching Is Healing, Dr. Jules Older, Paperback, Stein & Day, New York, $11.95

Reviewed by John A. Speyrer

The author, a clinical psychologist, has written a humorous book on a subject which many of us in our therapy have touched upon (pun intended) in primals -- the loving and validating need for touch. The author says the need for touching and being touched is not just for kids - this need continues throughout our life.

There are 34 pages dealing with the subject of touch and birth. In the chapter entitled, "Touch Gone Wrong," Dr. Older discusses how touch is crucial for both emotional development and physical growth. In fact, without touch the infant will die.

The importance of not separating the new-born infant from its birth mother is emphasized. Other interesting chapters include discussions on massage, the restorative power of touch, faith healing by touch, touching and the practice of medicine and the body therapies.