Re-Living Birth and Before:
Birth Trauma In the Regression Therapies

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Drawing by
Leonardo Da Vinci (1510-12)

The mother acutely aware of the pain
of childbirth
Soon forgets

The child
But dimly aware at the time --
Remembers all his life
The shock of being born

-- Bradford Shank

From the script of Oliver Stone's movie Natural Born Killers:
"When did you first start thinking about killing?

"Birth. I was thrown in a flaming pit of scum. I was forgotten by God."

When asked by a student about the influence of his experiences in Vietnam on his choices in writing and directing such intense and violent films such as Platoon, Born on the Fourth of July" and Natural Born Killers, Oscar winner Oliver Stone replied:

"The violence was evident before Vietnam. There was blood, there was screaming, there was forceps and there was me."
-- Feb 20, 1996, at Oxford, England

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