2001 Margaret Coyne
Dear Reader,
This book does not come with the additional benefit of professional editing. As such, its contents are the raw and uncut narrations of my two and a half years of inner exploration through both "talking" therapy and a process known as Holotropic Breathwork. At times, certain sections of the narrative will not make for easy reading. However, it was only through re-experiencing the painful events described that I was finally able to let go of the anger and begin to forgive my tormentors but most of all, begin to acknowledge and accept myself for whom I really am.
While the bulk of the text is mainly made up of my thirty breathwork sessions a small section is devoted to events in my life which led me to try and seek an understanding of why I was the way I was. The answers continue to unfold.
The book is primarily intended to be a source of information from the client's point of view for breathwork facilators, those working in the healthcare section, people considering embarking on their own journeys or those who are already in the process of dealing with their inner demons. It is above all, a book that I hope will inspire and give hope.

--Margaret Coyne lives in Dublin, Ireland with her husband and two children.

"Non-ordinary states of consciousness are certainly a unique source of deep insights into
the deepest recesses of the human psyche. In my opinion their potential significance
for psychiatry is comparable to the importance of the microscope for medicine
or the telescope for astronomy. It is hard to believe that this area has been
largely ignored by traditional psychiatrists and psychologists...."
Stanislav Grof, M.D.