At The 1999
International Primal Association

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Convention Chairperson Yvonne Parma updating the daily schedule of events during the convention held at Elmer, New Jersey, August 31 to September 6, 1999.

Dr. Joe Sanders, Psychologist and Professor and Steve Austill. Steve ran a daily Primal workshop at the convention and on Sunday participated in a music workshop with Dr. Fred Zielke.

Author and developmental psychologist Dr. Aletha J. Solter was IPA's keynote speaker. She is being introduced to convention participants by Yvonne Parma. She has authored three innovative books on child rearing: The Aware Baby, Helping Young Children Flourish and Tears and Tantrums.

Christopher Papile, Ph.D., led a group discussion on the adoption process. He shared with participants his insights on adoption counseling. He has written a book on adoption and has a internet web site at:

From the left. Alec Rubin is a dancer, theatre director and therapist and has been twice President of the IPA. He conducts Primal Theater Intensives in New York. Terry Larrimore of San Francisco has a private practice and specializes in pre and perinatal shock and trauma. She teaches and leads workshops internationally. Mary Thompson has had training in psychology and counseling and has worked as a primal therapist since 1974

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