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For around 10 years we have practiced the Primal Process to the depth of Cellular Consciousness as necessary and as pioneered by Dr Graham Farrant.

We find that each person has their own unique process and each needs to explore different levels of their past existence. For some this means exploring early infancy or childhood, for others womb life and birth and for others even further back - to contact their cellular memories. This is particularly so when there has been severe wounds of intimacy and spirituality.

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356 Whitehorse Road - Balwyn, Melbourne Vic Australia. 3103 phone/fax is 61 + 3 + 9888 4144


John Spensley



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Suggested reading:

Besides Arthur Janov's The New Primal Scream - Primal Therapy Twenty Years On published by Abacus, we recommend Elizabeth Noble's book, Primal Connections published by Fireside Books New York 1993. This is a personal account of her very early Cellular Memories in therapy with Graham Farrant. If you have difficulty obtaining a copy you may order one thru Elizabeth Noble, New life Images, 448 Pleasant Lake Avenue Harwich MA 02645, Fax (508) 432 9685 or phone (508) 432 8040. Cost US $12.00 & postage $4.00.

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Emerson Training Seminars

Petaluma, California

William R. Emerson Ph.D. is a teacher, writer, and lecturer in the field of pre and perintal psychology. A pioneer in treatment methods for infants and children for resolving the pernicious results of birth trauma, Dr Emerson, has specialized in primal/regression therapy and has practiced psychotherapy for over 25 years. He is presently retired and offers training and supervision in his field. He is currently writing two books and a manual on the effects and resolution of the traumas of birth and near-birth.

Dr. Emerson believes that "ninety-five percent of babies have mild, moderate, or severe birth traumas and over one-half have at least one severe prenatal trauma." See Emerson's ("Primal Therapy With Infants"). He believes that "unresolved traumas impair intellectual and motor development; inhibit educational, social and athletic performances; increase the risk of aggressive, hyperactive, attachment, and attention-deficit disorders; increase the risk of substance abuses and violence; and impair self esteem."

For the remainder of 1996 Dr. Emerson will present his Training Seminars in Seattle, Detroit, Atlanta, California, Connecticut, Denver, Scotland, Belgium, Switzerland, England and New Orleans. A large number of publications as well as audio and video tapes are available for purchase. Six individual video tapes are available including the traumas of forceps, umbilical cord and caesarian birth as well as on other birth related subjects. A list of available material as well as Dr. Emerson's 1996 Schedule of Workshops and Training Days are available from: Emerson Training Seminars, 4940 Bodega Avenue, Petaluma, CA 94952, telephone (707) 763-7024

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Primal Spirit MAGAZINE

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Barbara Bryan, Director
23011 Middlebelt Rd.
Farmington Hills, MI 48336


Since 1974 - Primal intensives, weekend workshops, individual sessions. Leader in eight 40-day Ark Training Programs. Regressions, pre & perinatal, sexual trauma, sandplay, etc. Leading a training program with Sam Turton (see for details). Call 248-478-5559 for information.

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Enthusiasm, health and joy can be yours

Emotional Release Facilitation


  • Emotional Release Facilitation brings about the profound process of deep change needed by individuals whose lives are hampered by pain and fear arising from childhood trauma. By focusing on feeling submerged emotions that stand in the way of growth, it opens the way to true self-help and understanding. The process is highly effective because it accepts the premise that the only way out of painful emotions is through them.

  • With the facilitator's help, compassionate self-awareness develops and memory banks are gently opened. The body is then allowed full expression and natural healing mechanisms -- tears, rage, trembling, laughter -- come forth. By connecting with long-repressed trauma, and by experiencing the feelings, rather than intellectualizing about them, one becomes flooded with new insights and released from self-destructive behaviors.

Who Benefits

  • People come to the Primal Process with a wide range of concerns, including grief, depression, anxiety, guilt, rage, tendencies toward illness or accidents, phobias, sexual or relationship problems, and eating disorders.

  • Some seek a deepening of their spirituality. Others simply have a gut feeling that something is missing in their lives or that they have not yet begun to live.

  • Alcoholics and addicts in recovery often are struggling to deal with feelings totally new to them, while affected family members may feel burdened with anger, resentment and grief.

About the Facilitator