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Dr. Paul Vereshack Offering Training and Therapy in Australia and Ireland

Primal Centers, Information, Etc.
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Primal Center of BC, Canada
Agnes & Ernst Oslender

Primal Renaissance Breathwork (Guerneville, CA)
American Society For the New Identity Process (ASNIP)
Brenda Craven, M.F.T.
Los Angeles, California

Emotional Release Counseling - Rio, Wisconsin

Stephen Khamsi, Ph.D. San Francisco, CA
Dr. Paul J. Hannig

Primal-Oriented Therapy in France - Anne Thibault

"Primal Buddy Support Network" of South Africa

Claus Kostka Primal-Breathwork
Therapy in South Germany

Lucien De Deyn, Brussels, Belgium

Emerson Training Seminars - Dr. William Emerson, Petaluma, CA

Primal Spirit Magazine

Primal Integration Center of Michigan

Emotional Release Counseling - Rio, Wisconsin

RealSelf Services - Fred
Lubin - Primal-Based in Ft Collins

Primal Therapy in Southern England

The Primal Center - Belden & Yashi Johnson, Ph.D. Nevada City, CA
Listing of International Primal
Assn. members Who Offer Primal Therapy - (Not up-to-date)

Depth Psychotherapy
Paul Vereshack M.D.
Toronto, Canada.

Primal Integration Therapy in Guelph, Ontario, Canada - Sam Turton

Primal Therapy of Denver, Arvada, Colorado
Gary Thomas Wareham, M.A.

The Jamillon Centre
John Spensley, M.D.
Melbourne Australia
Janice Berger and Associates - Newmarket, Canada .
Jonathan Christie, Ph.D. Janov-Certified Primal Therapist,
Los Angeles, California
Shoshannah Saráh
Jerusalem, Israel
Pierre R. Riopel
Quebec, Canada
Dr Juanita Kritzinger, Cape Town, South Africa
Phone: (021) 465 4659
Bob Holmes, B. Sc.
Board Certified Regression Therapist
Ontario, Canada
Thérapie Primale Intégrative
France, Paris
Thierry Carrasco
Esta Powell, M.A., M.S.
Primal Oriented Therapy
Columbus, Ohio
Ruth Nyman M.S.W
Janov certified Primal therapist
Vancouver, Canada
Clare Gill
Primal Integration Facilitator
Near Dublin, Ireland
Frances Rinaldo
Primal-Oriented Therapy
Scotts Valley, California
Carmen Reiss
Integrative Primal Therapy

The Following Two Centers Offer Training For Those Interested in Doing Primal-Type Therapy:

Initial Training in Primal Integration
Primal Integration Center of Michigan

This intensive training is for those who wish to develop their skills as a facilitator of primal-style or deep-feeling work.

More information is available at:

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Notice: Paul Vereshack will be leading the Second Australian Depth Therapy Teaching Intensive this October/November. Please see his website for details and comments from last year's participants.
For this years' intensive see 2004 Workshop

For information about Dr. Vereshack's 2005 Irish workshop click on this line

Note: The uniqueness about Paul Vereshack's DVD lecture, which he was asked to repeat at the German/American Institute in Heidelberg, after he gave it the first time, is that is explains in a very simple way the function of the mind; how it works and how and why we treat it the way we do in feeling oriented therapy. He feels it is a unique contribution in its simple explanatory nature, bringing the best of clinical psychiatry to the best of feeling therapy.

The DVD may be viewed in its entirety at his website

Dr. Paul Vereshack is offering courses in depth therapy and therapist training. Read about the objectives in this course on his website at:

The Training Course

Note: Dr. Vereshack has resigned his medical licence. He remains in the private practice of Depth Therapy in Toronto. Please see the Preface of his online book for details.

He is the author of Help Me -- I'm Tired of Feeling Bad an online book.

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