Lucien De Deyn
I have had 25 years of experience as a therapist and have been practicing primal therapy for almost 10 years. I have trained in Bodywork, Breathwork, and Ericksonian Hypnosis.

TEL: +32476/663843


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Sam Turton’s
Primal Integration Centre

Sam's primal centre and home is located in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. His detached, soundproof primal space provides a safe place for personal work. A separate bachelor apartment on the property is available for clients interested in longer residential intensives.

238 Kathleen Street
Guelph, Ontario
N1H 4Y5

Tel: 519-763-5881
E-Mail: sam (at) primalworks (dot) com


The Primalworks -
Sam's website contains extensive information on Primal Integration, his practice, recommended reading, Primal Zen and more. It is updated regularly.

Primal Integration

Primal Integration is a unified approach to growth and healing that combines deep psychotherapy, spiritual practice, and wholistic healthcare within a safe, non-directive relationship.

Modalities include:
  • Primal therapy
  • Client-centered counselling
  • Conflict resolution
  • Zen meditation
  • Gestalt

Primal Integration work can resolve many symptoms and their causes, such as depression, grief, anxiety, rage; addictions, relationship dysfunction, career and life direction; physical and stress-related illnesses; pre and perinatal trauma; physical, sexual and emotional abuse.

Primal Integration is a thorough, but non-directive approach that offers Four Levels of Involvement: Cognitive, Expressive, Integrative, and Universal. Most people looking for resolution to their problems can find a level that works best for their needs and degree of commitment.

Sam Turton

Sam Turton is a Primal Integration therapist/facilitator practicing a unified approach to growth and healing that is an expression of his extensive personal background in Zen, Taoism, aboriginal awareness, natural living and primal. Sam is also an accomplished artist, musician and writer.

In addition to his private practice, Sam is on staff for intensives at the Primal Integration Center of Michigan, and, with director Barbara Bryan, is offering a series of residential training intensives for facilitators. An active member of the International Primal Association Board of Directors, Sam also serves as Newsletter Editor and Publications Committee Chair.

Primal Therapy of Denver

Gary Thomas Wareham, M.A.

Offering emotion-focused and body-centered psychotherapy in the Primal tradition. Bachelor's degree in Mental Health counseling and Master's degree in Community Counseling. Over 25 years of experience in primal techniques and theory as a client, therapist-trainee, and therapist. Student of and trained by Jules and Helen Roth, pioneers in the field of Primal therapy, during an experiential 3½ year training program in the 1980's. Specializing in PTSD, birth and intrauterine trauma, childhood developmental wounding, and grief/loss work. Careful emphasis placed on utilizing and synthesizing adult consciousness/awareness while clients engage in the hard work of deep process regressive therapy. Integrating the latest in neurobiological research for most effective approach to treating unresolved trauma.

E-mail address:
Phone: (303) 424-4973

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Primal-Based Feeling-Centered Depth Therapy

Fort Collins, Colorado

RealSelf Services offers primal-related feeling-centered depth therapy. It's a way to break through timeless hurt and the 'stuckness' of self, and to reclaim one's birthright of light and energy.

"I received my Master's in clinical counseling at the University of Dayton, and went through Ohio's unusually rigorous licensure process (requiring not merely the standard internships, but many post-Masters clinical classes), resulting in the Licensed Professional Counselor license. Through the past eight years, I have studied, practiced, developed theory about, and refined an expertise in primal-related, deep-feeling therapy."

Fred Lubin, LPC
2362 E. Prospect Rd., Suite 100
Fort Collins, CO 80525
Tel.: 970-988-1953


Website: RealSelf Services

Jonathan Christie, Ph.D.
Janov-Certified Primal Therapist (1993)

It has been thirty-three years since Dr. Christie became involved in primal therapy. He had his primal therapy at the Primal Institute of Los Angeles. In 1976 he began the training program.

In 1989, after a stint in the construction business, he returned to join Psychologist Arthur Janov at the Primal Training Center in Venice, California, and worked there as an instructor in the principles of Primal theory and practice for budding primal therapists.

He presently has a private practice in the therapy in Los Angeles, and may be contacted at: or by
telephone: (323) 852-7134

Dr. Christie has written On False Memories, Primal Therapy and its Alternatives which appears on this website. The article is accompanied with interesting Author's Notes.


Pierre R. Riopel


Started therapy at the primal Institute of Los Angeles at the end of 1976. Trained at the Primal training Center of Los Angeles from 1991 to 1995 . Recently moved back to Quebec, Canada where he offers individuals sessions and Intensives in French or in English. Practice is located about 45 minutes North of Montreal.


Phone: (819) 322-5603


Bob Holmes, Director

Box 18, Suite 207, 235 Carlaw Avenue
Toronto Ontario Canada M4M 2S1
416-461-2022 or toll-free 1-877-258-9315

On the Primal path since 1975. Facilitating primal integration, current and past life regression therapy, spirit release, soul fragment recovery since 1992. Trained in Primal Integration by Barbara Bryan and Sam Turton. Client-centered approach. Individual/group/intensive formats available. Short/long term & occasional session work, as you decide.

Psychologue clinicien, Psychothérapeute, Formateur
24, rue du Texel 75014 PARIS. Tél : 06-22-29-29-69
Email :

Website: //

LA PSYCHOTHERAPIE : La thérapie primale intégrative est une psychothérapie basée sur l'essentiel de la thérapie primale d'Arthur Janov.

D'un point de vue théorique ou technique d'autres auteurs ou travaux y ont été intégrés.

Alice Miller, Wilhelm Reich, Michel Odent, Aletha Solter, Thomas Gordon et certains travaux psychanalytiques ou psychopathologiques font partie, entre autres, de cette intégration.

D'autres part des innovations stratégiques différencient notre méthode du modèle originel.

" La thérapie primale allie le sens des mots à la force des sentiments, car ce qui donne la force aux pensées ce sont les sentiments et les besoins qui la sous-tendent.

Thierry Carrasco, Conférence sur la psychothérapie de la Souffrance.


The Integrative Primal Therapy is a psychotherapy based on the essence of Arthur Janov's Primal Therapy. From a theoretical or technical point of view, other authors or works have been integrated.

Among them include, Alice Miller, Wilhelm Reich, Michel Odent, Aletha Solter, Tomas Gordon and various psychoanalytical or psychopathological theories which also take part in this integration.

" La thérapie primale allie le sens des mots à la force des sentiments, car ce qui donne la force aux pensées ce sont les sentiments et les besoins qui les sous-tendent."

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Shoshannah Saráh

MindBodySpirit Healing Therapies

Internationally Certified Mindbody Therapist

Jerusalem, Israel and Queens, NY


Primal Integration Therapy, ATT Trauma Clearing, Energy Meridian Therapies (TAT, EFT, ET), Dr. John Sarno's TMS Mindbody Education, Piano Therapy and Lessons, Healing Music CD's, Living Foods for health, weight loss and longevity, The Art of Co-Creating, Wisdom of the Sages, Dr. Victor Frankl's Logo Therapy

20+ years of Primal training with Alec Rubin, Bill Smuckler, Graham Farrant, & Barbara Bryan

Supportive compassionate approach at reasonable rates. First consultation free of charge. In person sessions available in Jerusalem and in NY at different times of the year. Phone sessions available all year round.

Israel: 0524.65.75.70
International: + 972.524.65.75.70
U.S : 1 888 MUSIC 22 / 212 802 7228
Skype: TheHealingPiano

Psychotherapist MFC37439
Office: 1015 Cedar Street Suite B, Santa Cruz, California 95060
Mailing: 1015 Cedar Street Suite B, Santa Cruz, California 95060
Tel: 831-440-9349 e-mail:
Web site

Couples * Family * Children * Individual * Primal * Genograms * Film Consultation

Between September 1992 and November 1996, I trained with Dr. Jonathon Christie and Dr. Arthur Janov at Dr. Janov’s International Primal Training and Treatment Center in Venice, California. I offer a holistic approach to Primal, working with you to mitigate the effects of original “Primal” traumas while simultaneously helping you to function and improve your quality of life in the present. This preempts the tendency to “wait for the next feeling” to change one’s self destructive or otherwise unwanted behavior and accelerates healing. I work with individuals, couples, families, children, and adolescents. I also offer film consultation (MA Cinema Production U. So. California ). See my website for more details.

Integrative Primal Therapy
Thérapie Primal Integrative
Integrative Primärtherapie
Alternative practitioner of psychotherapy: German, English and French spoken sessions
Praxis Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 49, 68167 Mannheim, Germany fon +49 6 21/33 61 87-7 mobile +49 176/96 44 81 20
Skype: carmen.reiss (internet sessions) - fax +49 621/33 61 87-8 -

The Primal Scream, Integrative Primal Therapy: I offer primal support via Skype all over the world in German, French and English. Check out my website to learn more about me.

Le Cri Primal, Thérapie du Cri Primal: J'offre des consultations en langue française, allemande, anglaise mondialement aussi par Skype-vidéo-télécommunication. Veuillez considerer mon site web section française pour apprendre plus sur moi.

Der Urschrei, Integrative Primärtherapie. Ich biete weltweit Sitzungen in deutscher, englischer, französischer Sprache auch über Skype-Video-Telefonat an. Bitte beachten Sie meine Website für nähere Informationen.

I offer primal support via Skype all over the world in German, French and English. Check out my website to learn more about me (there is a English and French section).

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