Question: Can a Depth Therapy Intensive Teaching Group Include Therapists and Clients Together?

(Notwithstanding his M.D. Dr. Vereshack is not a licensed physician)

I have found that the inclusion of therapists with clients can be very productive as long as certain understandings about the nature and purpose of the intensive teaching group are solidly in place.

First, both the clients and the therapists, should have a good grasp of what Depth Therapy is about. Although at the beginning of the week, I do provide a basic lecture on the theory and practice of Deep Therapy as I practice it. Everyone is expected to have obtained the more complete picture by reading my online book, Help Me - I'm Tired of Feeling Bad which is freely available on my website.

Second, everyone in the group must understand that the purpose of the group is not primarily to do deep work (to primal), although in fact, much deep work does occur. The purpose of the group is first and foremost to demonstrate how we, as Depth Therapists, help people to experience their own repressed traumas. It is a training intensive class in the techniques of facilitating this type of therapy. As such, people are, to a certain extent, lending themselves to the process with this objective in mind.

To accomplish this training, we lie someone down in the centre of the room on a mat and actually do the therapy. We all observe the leader and also other therapists actually being facilitators. Then, we can discuss our opinion about which techniques have been successful and which have not. We also attempt to determine why some techniques were not successful. The subjects are certainly expected to do regressive work, under this kind of facilitation, but they are also expected to come back from their deepest self within a reasonable time, i. e., from between 30 to 45 minutes, after which they can sit up and rejoin us or lie quietly aside with or without a buddy giving support.

When a new breakthrough to new feeling material is triggered, we very well may not be able to support or attend to someone for prolonged periods of time, since we are there primarily to demonstrate the therapy techniques, not to have a "typical" primal group.

I am deeply committed to the teaching of the practice and theory of Depth Therapy as the main goal and we must move forward through the day albeit at a reasonable though not compulsive pace. The last comments from a participant in the 2003 teaching group in Australia, which appears on my website emphasizes this issue of how I feel about the need to move along with the teaching.

Even a normal Depth Therapy group flows along in a natural rhythm. This allows therapists and clients alike to have a deep learning and deep experiencing of the basic principles of the therapy. This is one of those occasions when, perhaps, in theory, such a process should not work optimally, but in actuality, it works quite well.

In reality, Depth Therapy Teaching groups do flow along in a natural rhythm. This allows therapists and clients alike to have both deep learning experiences as well as deep feeling experiences of the basic principles of the therapy.

Paul Vereshack

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