Answers To Feeling-Oriented Therapy Questions by Paul Vereshack M.D.

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(He has resigned his medical licence and remains in the private practice of Depth Therapy in Toronto. Please see the Preface of his online book for details.)

This monthly column is being created primarily, but not exclusively, to answer specific questions generated by my book, Help Me - I'm Tired of Feeling Bad.
-- P.V.

  • October, 1997 - What Can We Do If We Are in Feeling Oriented Therapy and We Have Little Or No Feeling?

  • November, 1997 - Why Don't You Use the Traditional Three Week's Intensive Period Which Most Primal Therapists Use At the Beginning of Therapy to Lower a Patient's Defenses?

  • December, 1997 - How Can One Have Improved Primal Sessions? What Are Some of the Pitfalls to be Avoided in Primal or Other Types of Deep Regressive Feeling Therapy?

  • January, 1998 - What Relationship Does Primal Therapy Have With Spirituality and the Satori Experience? What Are Your Thoughts About Rapidly Attained Satori (Sudden Illuminations)?

  • February, 1998 - When Might it be OK to Do Deep Feeling Oriented Therapy Alone?

  • March, 1998 - Critique by Dr. Aletha Solter to Dr. Paul Vereshack's Online Book: Help Me - I'm Tired of Feeling Bad with Response by Dr. Vereshack

  • April, 1998 - How Can I Get Training in Primal Oriented Therapy?

  • May, 1998 - What Should be the Objectives of Primal Therapy? Where Should the Regressions End?

  • June, 1998 - On the Possibility of Modifying Primal Therapy To Make the Therapy Less Disintegrative

  • September, 1998 - How Can One Find One's "Off-Switch" to the Primal Process?

  • October, 1998 - Why Does One Sometimes Feel Small After an Orgasm?

  • November, 1998 - Can the Regressive Psychotherapies Help Depression?

  • December, 1998 - What Should I Do If My Primal Therapy Experience Seems Unreal?

  • January, 1999 - Recently I Have Been Having Panic Attacks, and Yet When I Lie Down to Process Them, They Immediately Turn Into Helplessness. What Can I Do?

  • February, 1999 - Have You Ever Avoided Feeling Material Which Was Pressing For Release?

  • March, 1999 - On Dream Images

  • April, 1999 - How Complete Should a Primal Feeling Be? Should all sensory inputs be re-experienced?

  • May, 1999 - Intimate Touch in Primal Oriented Therapy

  • June, 1999 - I'm In a Deep-feeling Oriented Therapy, and Am Feeling Worse and Worse. In Fact, I Have Never Felt So Depressed and So Fearful. Have I Made a Mistake In Trying This Kind of Therapy?

  • Dec, 1999 - Apart From Adequate Training, What Are Some of the Important Qualifications for Primal Therapists?

  • Feb, 2000 - When should a deep feeling oriented therapist "technique" a client?

  • June, 2000 - What do we need in order to heal from the lies in which we live?

  • August, 2000 - Sequencing of Events in Deep Feeling Oriented Therapy

  • September, 2000 - What do you do in your practice when a client begins insulting you personally and professionally, especially if they do this to you over and over again?

  • October, 2000 - What do you do as a therapist when a client suddenly seems to be in a past life regression?

  • January, 2001 - Touch and holding in deep feeling therapy - additional comments

  • February, 2001 - I am in deep-feeling-oriented Therapy and I am experiencing more and more disabling fear. Should I continue with the therapy?

  • March, 2001 - Does deep-feeling-oriented therapy Actually Work?

  • March, 2003, - Can Some Primal Feelings Act As Defenses Against Other Primal Feelings?

  • May, 2003, - What Some of the Basic Do's and Don'ts of Therapist Listening in Deep Feeling and Body Oriented Psychotherapy?

  • June, 2003, - Is It Possible to Have Primals Devoid of Any Emotional Feeling?

  • August, 2004, - Can a Depth Therapy Intensive Teaching Group Include Therapists and Clients Together?

  • November, 2005, - Answers to an Endless Questioner?

  • August, 2006, - On the Problem of Endless Primalling

  • November, 2006, - On the Atypical and Unplanned Partial Resolution of Some Psychological Hurts

  • August, 2007 , - Would You Discuss Some of the Hazards Along the Primal Path?

  • July, 2008 , - If I work hard in primal therapy, and push myself strongly down into feelings, will my process open up?

  • October, 2010 , - On Combining primal-oriented therapy and bipolar disorder

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