If I work hard in Primal Therapy, and push myself strongly down into feelings, will the process open up for me?


(Notwithstanding his M.D. Dr. Vereshack is not a licensed physician)

by Paul Vereshack M.D.

The best way for me, when I work alone, is always to wait until something in the present triggers my pain, or at east until pain arises in and of itself. That present pain that arises in and of itself, is gold for me because it is arising from my depths. Because of this it will then provide an authentic path that I can then follow downward. It is like sensing oil because of a small flow to the surface and following what is already there.

It is sometimes possibe to create that first delicate flow to the surface in a therapy hour or in a group process or even with a fantasy or while viewing a movie or listening to a moving musical selection, but if the real feeling is not in our consciousness to follow downward, then if we push down to it, instead of waiting for it to come to us, then the act of pushing downward, creates in my opinion, false primals and new defenses against the real feeling journey. It may also produce a fanatical endless "push."

To simply drill into the earth of our unconscious without that "arising" pain occuring first, sometimes produces a process that has a fluid that looks like oil but does not burn properly when ignited.

Don't "push" yourself downward, beside, on top of, or with no real feeling already present in your conscious mind and body.

Only allow yourself to proceed, not by pushing, but instead by "letting go," and only use this "letting go" to allow feelings to come up or when you are actually in the feeling itself.

It is only then that feeling work produces the gold of deep relief and sometimes, but not always, may be accompanied by deep and felt insight.

Paul Vereshack

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